Truck Drivers Falling Asleep

There comes a time when pills won’t help, energy drinks won’t help, coffee won’t help, loud music or the window rolled down to blow wind in your face won’t help, slapping your face or the back of your head won’t help, screaming out loud won’ t help, or doing some push-ups or exercises on the side of the road won’t help to keep your body from nodding off at the wheel on a long drive.

The reason why I know so many of these tricks is because I practiced them myself when I use to drive on the road.

The only thing they say that helps (and I agree to an extent) is sleep itself; how much though, sometimes your body may want more than you are able to give it. You may have important deadlines you must keep, bad weather you’re trying to beat, trying to make it back home for an important engagement. There are so many variables that will cause you to push your body pass the limit or even convince yourself you’ve had enough rest and feel ready to go; though the reality is most times is it’s time to get rolling and meet this deadline.

I won’t go into statistics but many lives has been taken due to falling asleep on the road, not just truckers but any vehicle operated by an human being that sleeps which covers everyone on the road unless you are the night of the driving dead.

Well, enough of the problem which is obvious! What’s a solution or maybe something that will help the issue?

The nap alarm!!!

It’s a small inexpensive tool ($ 9.95), that hangs comfortably on your ear. This nap alarm mechanism has a sensor inside and as long as your head is level while you’re driving every thing is cool, but the instant you begin to nod your head and alarm will beep in your ear causing you to immediately become alert.

This device can also be used for security guards or trying to stay awoke for an important training or seminar; anywhere you may have to stay alert with your head up this tool will work.

Mark Russell here giving you tips on safety, and protecting yourself against any possible abuse or assault. My business passion is getting people not only educated, but equipped with the special tools needed to prevent anyone from making you a victim of assault, crime, or abuse.

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