Information about Adderall

The pharmacological group of this drug is psycho stimulants. The drug can be administered either orally, rectally or sublingually.

At the moment, Adderall can be called one of the most powerful drugs in the category of psycho stimulants, which is actively used to treat such diseases:

  • Attention deficit disorder,
  • Narcolepsy,
  • Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity.

Adderall’s intake can be either immediate or prolonged.

Application of the drug Adderall

When treating with these pills, there may also be various abnormalities: for example, depression or obesity. In such cases, Adderall is also used. Such treatment is approved by a doctor for the most extreme cases. It is revealed that this drug is able to influence the physiology of the patient and his or her behavior.

Adderall: route of administration and dosage

Adderall can be used in capsules of prolonged release: usually, this drug is used at the beginning of the day. In this case, the effect and concentration of the drug in the plasma are equal to two doses, which the patient usually takes with a difference of 4 hours. This is the standard dosage.

Side Effects of Adderall

Adderall has a fairly extensive list of side effects. Note that they depend on the amount of the drug that you will take. At this time, the most dangerous is an abundant overdose, as a slight increase in dose entails a rapid passing effect. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be as cautious as possible while taking the drug and follow the instructions. Side effects can be divided into two categories:

  • Physical,
  • Psychological.
Physical side effects

These types of side effects vary depending on the age and personal characteristics of the patient. At the same time, cardiac effects that exert maximum influence on the heart include also:

  • Irregular heartbeat,
  • Hypertension,
  • Sharp pressure jumps.

Men may experience sexual side effects, including erectile dysfunction, as well as too rapid ejaculation or, conversely, a difficult process of ejaculation.

Additional side effects:

  • Pain in the abdomen and nausea,
  • Profuse sweating,
  • Weight loss and eating disorders.

Caution should be applied in patients with respiratory problems. A violation of the process of urination is also possible. Therefore, Adderall can be used as a by-product for the treatment of enuresis. Nevertheless, the effect on the intestine can be unpredictable. For example, it can:

  • Decrease mobility,
  • Give a feeling of anesthesia,
  • Load internal organs.

Nevertheless, it can’t be said that the drug exerts a strain on the heart, which can lead to a stroke because it is not proven.

Psychological side effects

Among the psychological side effects, there are:

  • Wariness,
  • A sense of discomfort and activity,
  • Fast and sharp mood swings.

The patient does not want to sleep, he feels the desire for action, self-confidence, increased communication skills. At the same time, there is no evidence that this drug is capable of provoking the hostile behavior. It only provokes active devotion and even friendliness, a desire to get to know someone close, etc.

Overdose of Generic Adderall

Overdose in no case is fatal, but a number of negative strong effects is still possible. Moderate overdose can cause the following effects:

  • Arrhythmia,
  • Violation of purity of consciousness,
  • Problems with urination,
  • Muscle pain,
  • Tremor,
  • Excitation,
  • Stereotyping.

If any serious side effects are found, consult a doctor immediately. In the case if the overdose was very significant, the patient may lose consciousness and fall in a coma. In this case, he or she needs to get medical help as soon as possible. If assistance is not provided at the right time, there is a risk of more serious consequences and the patient’s entry into an even more serious condition.

Keeping the drug Generic Adderall

Please note: keep the tablets in a dry, dark place strictly inaccessible by children.

How to buy Generic Adderall?

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